JSLW Machinery is a company that designs and manufactures forging and pressing equipment.

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Always deliver more than expected.

A Future Pilot in Industry Excellence

At JSLW, we believe that our success is due to careful preparation and dedication to quality and trust.

We are proud of our registered trademarks, which represent our reliable and trustworthy brand.

Honoring contracts and maintaining integrity in our business practices is a crucial part of who we are.

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Our Продукты

Professional Products

shearing Machine

Fast cutting speed, high efficiency and durability.

Bending machine

High bending strength, good rigidity and high precision.

Rollling machine

The machine of choice for round, curved and tapered workpieces.

hydraulic press

hydraulic press

Computer Diagnostic

Most of the vehicles damage as maintenance neglect.

Service Upgrades

Most of the vehicles damage as maintenance neglect.

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